Life Skills

Life skills

EduAhead’s Life Skills program is a comprehensive behavior modification approach that concentrates on the development of skills needed for life such as logical thinking, decision making, creative thinking, communication, managing emotions, stress, conflict management along with confidence building and gender sensitivity. Additionally, it addresses the important issues of empowering and guiding boys and girls towards being global in their thinking but rooted to their cultures. The program moves beyond providing information; addressing the development of the whole individual – so that a person will have the skills to be productive in society and to be an empathetic individual.

The approach to Life Skills is completely interactive using short movies, role plays, activities, games, puzzles, group discussions and a variety of other innovative techniques to keep the students completely involved in the sessions.
“Life Skills Education is a means to facilitate the practice and reinforcement of psychological, sociological and cognitive skills essential in today’s world in an appropriate way. It contributes to the promotion of personal and social development, the prevention of health and social problems and protection of human rights.”
The Life Skills course is designed in concurrence with the academic subjects, thus helping to develop conceptual and contextual understanding by integrating life skills with academic subjects, for harmonious and holistic understanding. It is a cost-effective program, which ensures that there is no additional burden on the student.

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