About us

Education is a powerful tool that leads to success in the life of an individual as well as in the life of a nation; and technology can be used for transforming education dynamically. EduAhead is an educational wing of CEP Global LLP, which is one of the leading technology service providers, with core competency aimed at design and development of educational product and services. To enhance the quality of education and reach a higher level of excellence in education, EduAhead is working towards providing innovative, technology-enabled learning approaches.

Involved in the education arena from K-12 to professional education, we at EduAhead are oriented towards enhancing quality of education and excellence in teaching. We have been organizing training programs for students and teachers at varied levels, along with designing and developing curriculum support materials and teachers’ learning materials. We also provide a platform for teachers to network; empowering learner communities through our annual event ‘Adhyapan’.

EduAhead has used technology to solve educational challenges to provide innovative, technology-enabled learning approaches, and to provide a high quality education at a reasonable cost. Our goal is to provide solutions with proven potential and to reach many students so that dramatic improvement and educational excellence can be achieved.

Services provided:

Students: EduAhead services include developing and enhancing through a customized, hands-on learning creative curriculum. We help students realize their potential through aptitude profiling and assessment through psychometric tests for vocational guidance via counselors.

Parents: EduAhead provides a platform for parents where they can track the course history of their child, collect information about their academic achievement, and also get a preview of the courses and tests and all the resources provided by EduAhead to help their child acquire skills and reach their potential. We involve parents in the process of the child’s learning by tracking the progress of the learner.

Faculty: EduAhead services include academic mentoring which enable faculty members to enhance their proficiency in the key topics of teaching, soft skills coaching, workshops and seminars for career enhancement, certification courses, and faculty exchange programs.

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