Academic Achievement Tests

Academic Achievement Tests

Despite, and perhaps because of its amorphous nature, the term ‘academic success’ is one of the most widely used constructs in educational research and assessment within higher education. Academic success refers specifically to the acquisition of specific knowledge and skills demonstrated through completion of courses. Educational and achievement tests measure an individual’s current level of academic competence.

What is student success?

Student success is defined as academic achievement, engagement in educationally purposeful activities, satisfaction, acquisition of desired knowledge, skills and competencies, persistence, attainment of educational outcomes, and post-college performance. This programme will help in assessing what students have learned and how they perform, and then act on it to help them succeed. We deliver reliable data to objectively evaluate progress on national and state standards, measure student progress toward high academic standards, and assess the abilities that directly relate to success in school.
Students from K-12 standard will be the recipients of this programme which is going to help them improve their academic as well as language proficiency.

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